About Us


Dianne McRae

Dianne has a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is the owner of Soulshine, where she uses talk, play, reflection, and exploration of physical and emotional roots of present-day blocks to help souls toward wholeness.

Jill Forney

Jill has a master’s degree in Educational Methodology, is a former high school teacher, and has 25+ years of experience working with at-risk youth in schools and outreach programs.

Dos Madres Inception Story

The dos madres (“two moms” in Spanish) Dianne McRae and Jill Forney have been friends for several years. Jill, who’s background is in education, would periodically call Dianne, who’s background is in clinical mental health, for help finding and locating mental health resources in the Colorado Springs community, a difficulty lamented by both over the years.


In May of 2021, when a panel of experts at Children’s Hospital Colorado (CHC) declared a mental health state of emergency due to increased stresses resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic and a critical shortage of mental health resources, the two moms decided to stop lamenting the resources they wished were in the community and to start providing them instead.


Thus, Dos Madres Inc., a nonprofit mental health organization, was born. Together, with their combined professional expertise and passion for mental health, Dianne and Jill began creating and developing mental health support groups for a variety of ages with a variety of foci.


RESTORE (Resources to Open Regenerative Experiences). The first groups created by Dos Madres Inc. launched in April of 2022. RESTORE groups are multigenerational (ages 12-112) mental health support groups focused on re-connecting participants with grounding mental health resources and practices (nature, embodiment, movement, community-building, art, and music). The 8-week RESTORE groups, held at Beth-El Mennonite Church and other locations, are tuition-based (financial assistance is available) and formed by demand. See the RESTORE program page for more information about groups forming now.


Navigating Adulthood. In addition to RESTORE groups, Dos Madres Inc. began developing Navigating Adulthood, a support group specifically for participants ages 18-39, to build community with other emerging adults, young adults, and young-ish adults experiencing coming of age in today’s challenging cultural climate. Launched in August 2022, Navigating Adulthood (generously supported by High Plains Church Unitarian Universalist) is ongoing, FREE, and open to the public. See the Navigating Adulthood program page for more information.


As Dos Madres Inc. expands, we look forward to creating more support groups, including groups for people living with chronic illnesses, LGBTQIA2+ support groups, groups for caregivers, and others as the needs and resources arise. We would love to talk to you more about which of our groups might be right for you or your loved one(s), other mental health resources in the community, volunteering/training with Dos Madres Inc., and/or financially supporting and expanding these critically-needed services.